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I have no idea why that is happening.

Hi. I had a chance to take a bus today. As common as it is, we also have a smart card system to pay for the public transports in Brisbane. You touch your card to the machine on a bus that gives a gentle beep and a green light if all goes well. Do you know what happens when something does not work out exactly the way it wants? I was in a queue and there was a lady in front of me. She tagged her card but too long I think. The machine started beeping like mad flashing red lights. The poor lady must have thought that the transaction failed and kept touching her card to the machine which then gave more beeps and red flashes. Only then, the driver said that it was complaining because she had already paid for that trip. Don't you think the machine was a bit too harsh? Where is love?! It could have just said "Thanks but you already paid." with.. I don't know a blue light. We pay a lot of money for technologies. They need to be more kind to us! :)

I have no idea what is happen…

Sharing sadness halves it while sharing happiness doubles it.

Hi all. I was thinking about what was happening around the world... many different kinds of natural disasters and hardships in different countries. If there is one thing that is common between them though, I think it is people and community that are looking after one another. The governments are doing their best but I don't think it is governments or any institutional systems themselves that really hold this world together. In my humble opinion, it is love for humanity that does that. It's got to be love that gives the fire fighters and workers courage to go inside the Fukushima nuclear plant despite the dangerous radiation level. Send them your love and prayers. That will be the easiest way of participating in their mission. One day, when everything gets back to normal we will share the prosperity too. :)

Sharing sadness halves it while sharing happiness doubles it.
슬픔은 나누면 반이 되고 기쁨은 나누면 배가 된다.

슬픔은, sulpumum, sadness + suffix
나누면, nanumyon, if shared or divided (나누다)
반이, bani, ha…

I will carry the gun.

Hi all. I am back. :) Let me ask you first. Is there a piece of good news yet? I stay away from the TV these days because I can't handle all those bad news, especially the graphics of violence and disasters. My heart starts aching when I see them. I am grateful that I am not in the middle of any of those. I feel for those who are. If you are getting sick of the bad news, just turn the TV off and join me who is selfishly hoping all the problems would go away while I have been away from the TV. But problems just don't go away. Things get done or fixed when someone takes a responsibility and takes a lead. It is a question of who carries the gun.

I will carry the gun and take the lead.
제가 총대 메겠습니다.

제가, jaega, I (polite)
총대, chongdae, body of a rifle
메겠습니다, maegetsumnida, will carry on the shoulder

제가 총대 메겠습니다.
jaega chongdae maegetsumnida.

The expression, "총대 메다", started being used during the Korean War. After the war started, there were a lot of young students who just turned…