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Golden week starts!

Yay!! It finally came! It is start of the week that many Koreans have been waiting for 10 years! There are three holidays next week. Monday is Labor Day and Wednesday day is Buddha's Birthday and Friday is Children's Day. So if one can tak Tuesday and Thursday off, that's 9 days off in total!!!!!

News says that national highways are already full of cars and the Incheon Airport is expecting two million people using the airport during this period. That's one fifth of Seoul population. Wow!

I have decided to take only Tuesday off. And my plan is a road trip to Kyungju and Busan with my sister's. Kyungju will be a great destination for my nephews to learn some histories because it was a capital of Silla Dynasty 1000 years ago and it's history and architecture is relatively well preserved.

Busan is my hometown. I will see my parents there. Since the May 8th is also Parents' Day I prepared a gift for them. A tablet. These days older people are also enjoying using…

I am back!

I don't even know where to begin. It has been a quite a journey personally for the last few years. There were health issues and inter-continental relocation, new job.. really a new life.

I am back in South Korea for almost three years now. Living in my native environment is great. Especially being able to see my family any time I want is great. New job has been demanding though.  Many late nights in the office like many other people here.

But I never forgot about this blog. And finally I feel like writing again. I feel like I can enjoy doing this again.

If there are people who are surprises to see my posting, I have a great expression for you.

Min is back! Is this for real?

민이 돌아왔어! 이거  실화냐?!

돌아오다, come back
실화, true story

민이 돌아왔어! 이거 실화냐?!
Mini dorawaso! Igo silwanya?!

According to this wiki, '이거 실화냐' expression got popular in 2015. People use it when really surprised about something.

Are you surprised that I am back?