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What a coincidence!

Hi. I was on a sick leave today because of a cold. After spending the whole morning lying around, I ended up having a bad headache too. So I decided to take a walk to get some fresh air. I was going to go to a park near my place but for some unexplainable reason, I wanted to go to the Brisbane riverside which would require well over 20 minutes of driving. It is very rare for me to go that far for a walk even when I am in full strength. Anyway, I got there and started walking along the river. Then for some reason I wanted to climb Kangaroo point stairs which was 107 steps in total! I was a bit annoyed by myself but decided to do it. When I finally arrived at the top, I was looking for a bench to rest. And what I found was something a lot more exciting. I found a small fire starting in a dry patch of the park up there. It was just starting to smoke and the fire was getting bigger due to very strong wind. I went over and put water in my water bottle over the fire. Then a couple of people…