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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Keep your spirits high!

Hi. I never imagined this happening. I am talking about the #occupywallstreet protest in the U.S. And not about the protest itself, but about how the NYPD police react to this. Given that the freedom of speech is a protected right over there, I think, the police should help the protestors voice their opinion in a peaceful manner. Instead, if some protestors' claims are true, the policed tricked them on the Brooklyn bridge so that they violate the law. Hundreds are arrested as a result. hmmm... hope this is not true. Anyway, the mainstream of society doesn't usually want a revolution. They rather want gradual changes. So this protest may not get a big support from the majority. 1987 is the most important year in the history of democracy in South Korea. That year we achieved the direct election of the president after so many years of tyranny. And the victory was possible only when the tens of thousands of office workers join the protest. We called them "넥타이 부대(necktie army)". When the older generation that usually want to keep the status quo join the movement, that's when something big change is about to happen. We will see if that happens in N.Y. Today, 2nd of October is The International Day of Non-Violence. I support this protest as long as they remain non-violence.

Keep your spirits high!
건투를 빕니다!

건투를, gunturul, good fight + suffix
빕니다, bimnida, wish (빌다)

건투를 빕니다!
gundurul bimnida

Recently Dalai Lama said on his facebook "Under certain circumstances, you may need to take steps to counteract someone else's wrongdoing, but it's better to do so without anger. That will be more effective, because when your mind is overwhelmed by a disturbing emotion like anger, the action you take may not be appropriate." This is something for all of us to remember.

Friday, September 30, 2011

What do you do for a living?

Hi. I have been living in an English speaking country for about ten years now. But the language barrier is still high. I tried to pick the best way to say something before I open my mouth, however too often I sound awkward. So I understand when other people make similar mistakes. I trust their good intention. Like today, someone whose English is not very good asked me "Are you still working?" after saying hi. I assumed she was asking if I worked today. It was a lot better than hearing someone asking me "Are you still single??" out of nowhere. :) Today, someone asked me on facebook how to say "What do you do for a living?" And I was trying to think of the most safe expression for most situations.

What do you do for a living?
하시는 일이 뭐에요?

하시는, hasinun, polite form of 하다 meaning do
일이, yli, work or job + suffix
뭐에요, muoeyo, what is it

하시는 일이 뭐에요?
hasinun yli muoeyo

하시는 일 means "work that you do" with politeness because of -시- variation ending of the verb 하다. If you want to say "What is you job?", it is simply "직업(occupation)이 뭐에요?". But this doesn't sound good if you are talking to a senior. It sounds really dry, formal and even impolite.

Depending who you talk to you can give different level of politeness.
하시는 일이 뭐에요? - most polite and suitable for seniors
하는 일이 뭐에요? - mideum politeness and good for acquaintances in your age group
하는 일이 뭐야? - least polite and good for your age group or younger

It is natural to make lots of mistakes while you are learning a new language. So don't be discouraged over small mistakes! :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

That is way more than needed.

Hi. Sometime ago, I was thinking why I hadn't been reading much in the last few years. Having thought of the reason seriously, after a while, it became obvious. I wasn't reading because I didn't have a Amazon Kindle. Who reads paper books these days?! (Borders closed) I ordered a Kindle the next day and it arrived within a few days. I loved it. I "downloaded" a bunch of "e-books" immediately. And I loved it more! Since I don't like my gadgets being scratched, I decided to buy a cover for my Kindle as well. I went to and browsed the covers. There were many at different prices with some covers as expensive as $125! A $125 cover to protect a $139 device? If I bought that one, I would need to get another cover to protect the cover. It was definitely much more than I needed.

That is way more than needed.
배보다 배꼽이 더 크네요!

배보다, baeboda, belly + suffix for comparison
배꼽이, baeggobi, belly button + suffix
더, duo, more
크네요, kneyo, big

배보다 배꼽이 더 크네요!
baeboda baeggobi duo kneyo

Literally, it says that the belly button is bigger than the belly. And we use this expression when a solution to a problem is overkill. A practice that seems quite common in online shopping business. A picture is worth a thousand words. These images will give you an idea when to use this expression. :)
One jar of crushed garlic delivered in a big thermocol box with two ice-packs.
This box is way too big to carry only four batteries.

In the end, I didn't buys anything from Amazon because I found a ten dollar one from eBay. I cannot be happier about that. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

That is really petty.

Hi there. I am following news in IT industry as part of my job. Recently, patent lawsuits are increasing a lot between mobile phone makers namely, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, HTC and so on. At this point, no one seems to be completely innocent because they are suing each other. Some months ago, Apple sued Samsung claiming that the offender copied their unique form factor, a black square with rounded corners to be blunt. What do other companies have to do not to copy black square form factor? A phone of a yellow triangular shape? Anyway, later one claimed that Apple had manipulated the evidence so that Samsung products look more like theirs. Hmm... Isn't that mean, or what?

That is really petty.
정말 치사하네요.

정말, jeongmal, really
치사하네요, chisahaneyo, petty/mean/shameful (치사하다)

정말 치사하네요.
jeongmal chisahaneyo.

치사하다 is to accuse someone for being mean or petty.  To say someone is acting petty, you can say "치사하게 굴다". Here, "-게 굴다(gulda)" means acting such a way. When spoken, the form changes to "-게 구네요" or "-게 굴었어요", "-게 굴래요?" etc.

A: Can you spare me one dollar? I am a bit short for the bus fare.
B: I don't think so.
A: 아~ 진짜 치사하게 구네.

A: I will follow you until you spare me one dollar!
B: 아~ 진짜 귀찮게 구네. (You are acting really annoying)
A: 계속 치사하게 굴래? (Are you going to keep acting mean?)

I think companies need to protect their intellectual properties but some patents are too generic in my opinion. And the cost of these lawsuits will burden the customers one way or another. Eventually there will be only one group of happy people. And they will be lawyers without question. :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

This is really making me angry!

Hi. I went to university in Korea when there were a lot of anti-government activities among students. I was never that political before but somehow I got involved heavily. During the summer of the second year, there was a massive protest in Seoul. It went on for three days and we were roaming about the city to avoid the police. The event ended without a big drama but our luck ran out there. On the way to our hometown, we all fell asleep on a chartered bus. And when we woke up, the bus was conveniently parked in front of a police station. D'oh!! All of us were arrested and sentenced to a few days in cells at the back of the police station. I was locked up for five days and it was enough to feel what it was like to loose freedom. I still remember the freshness of the air when I got released. And I swore to God that I would never do anything that could risk my freedom again. Never! But then, news like this (constructing a military base on a tourism island and suppressing people who wants peace) really makes my blood boil and calls for an action!

This is really making me angry!
진짜 열받게 하네요!

진짜, jinjja, seriously
열받게, yeolbagge, make angry, (literally, get heated)
하네요, haneyo, it does

진짜 열받게 하네요!
jinjja yeolbagge haneyo

열받다 is a colloquial expression used when you are really angry, like I am now!

Jeju island is a UNESCO World Heritage and geologically it does not make sense to have a missile defence system at the far south of Korea. Whom are we protected from by having this?

Please help to save Jeju by spreading the story.
And special thanks to Matthew Hoey for posting this Youtube video.

I was so 열받아서, I wrote "Keep fighting for peach!" when I signed the petition from here. Let's not loose it over anger. ^^;;

Friday, August 26, 2011

What do you mean that I die?

Hi. When I was a little girl, I fell sick quite often. Sometimes I had more serious conditions like pneumonia but most of the time, I was just weak. My skin complexion was pale and any physical activities were out of question. It wasn't all depressing though. There were some funny moments because of my lousy health. I remember one day when I was in fourth or fifth grade. That day, one boy was teasing me a lot and it got one of my friends really angry. My friend pushed the boy hard and yelled at him. "Stop teasing her! She is going to die soon!"... I was like O.o "Thanks dear, but I didn't know that I was going to die..." I don't remember who she was any more. If I did, I would love to meet her and say that I still exist. :)

What do you mean that I die?!
내가 죽기는 왜 죽어요?!

내가, nega, I
죽기는, jukginun, dying (죽다)
왜, whe, why
죽어요, jugoyo, do I die?

내가 죽기는 왜 죽어요?!
nega jukginum whe jugoyo?!

죽다 and 죽기 is kind of the same relationship as die and dying. You can transform most of verbs in this manner, 기 instead of 다. For example, 먹다(eat) -> 먹기(eating) 보다(see) -> 보기(seeing)

As a saying, "something -기는 왜 something" is to deny, correct or express frustration over the situation that is about to happen. For example:

A: Let's break up.
B: 우리가 헤어지기는 왜 헤어져요!

As a slight variation of this expression, "something -기는 뭘 something" is to deny, correct or express frustration over the situation that just happened.

A: We have broken up!
B: 우리가 헤어지기는 뭘 헤어져요!

iResign. Steve Jobs has recently resigned from the iCEO position at Apple. And people were speculating about his health. Mr. Jobs would appreciate the concern but he'll probably say "Thanks, but no thanks.". :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I feel relieved a lot more now.

Hi. I have been learning a lot about a compassionate lifestyle in the last year or so. I read a lot of books, saw many spiritual teachers including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, went to retreats, did a lot of meditation, became a vegetarian(except a few occasions including tonight), and made quite a lot of donations to various organisations. I was helping others as much as I can but I was still carrying a big bag of guilty feelings. And the reason was, because I haven't been sending letters to the child that I am sponsoring through World Vision. World Vision send Christmas cards, birthday cards to me and all I need to do is write something and send it off in the enclosed return envelope. But still I managed to put it off to miss the deadline for the last couple of years. I don't know how to describe the feeling when I got her Christmas card last year. I felt shame, guilt, frustration and anger towards myself. It was terrible. Thankfully, World Vision was kind enough to give me another chance for the child's 12th birthday in November. And finally, I wrote the letter and send it off in time!! I feel much better and realized yet again giving just money is not everything....

I feel relieved a lot more now.
이제 마음이 한결 가볍네요.

이제, yije, now
마음이, maumi, mind + suffix
한결, hangyol, a lot more
가볍네요, gabyopneyo, light (가볍다)

이제 마음이 한결 가볍네요.
yije maumi hangyol gabyopneyo.

마음이 가볍다 means feeling relieved. And 한결, when used as an adverb by itself, means "much" or "a lot more".
날씨가 한결 따뜻해졌다. -> The weather became a lot warmer
몸이 한결 튼튼해졌다. -> The body became a lot healthier.

Don't get confused 한결 with 한결같다. 한결같다 means something doesn't change and stay the same for a long time. For example:
이 사람은 한결같다. -> This person is very consistent.
우리의 우정은 한결같다. -> Our friendship has stayed the same.

I was wondering what would have been like if my sponsor child was on facebook or had a mobile phone. That would have been a lot easier for me at least. And that got me thinking that I might as well provide the child with a phone. It would be fun to SMS with the little girl and get to know more about each other. Not a bad idea in my opinion. :)