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I will get some skin therapies while I am hospitalized.

Hi all. I am enjoying a three week long holiday in South Korea at the moment. It has been only eight months since my last visit. I know how lucky I am to be able to visit this often. :) A few of my friends asked me if I was going to get some plastic surgery done while I am here. I was not very surprised by these questions as many people chose to do it these days. The eyelid surgery is especially common between the Asian people. Here are some of before and after shots. Also various skin therapies are available for younger looking skin. Some treatments are using laser and some others are using needles. Usually, people need to stay at home after the treatment as the skin will be swollen or red for a few days. Sometimes people use their holidays to get these done. My friends told me an interesting trend with them these days. Hospitals are providing these skin therapies to the patients who are hospitalized for a minor car accident, baby delivery or any other minor operations. It is thought…