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I was shaking in my boots.

Hi. I was preparing a late dinner after working late tonight. As if it was not exhausting enough, I found this thing on the wall in the kitchen. It was the biggest spider I have ever seen. It was easily bigger than my palm!

I was shaking in my books.
간이 철렁 내려앉았어요.

간이, gani, liver + suffix
철렁, cheolong, a look of water waving or overflowing
내려앉았어요, neryoanjatsoyo, collapse or sink (내려앉다)

간이 철렁 내려앉았어요.
gani cheolong neryoanjatsoyo.

간이 철렁 내려앉다 or 간이 철렁하다 in short means that you are so totally shocked and have a cold sweat.

간, liver, is an important organ so there is some interesting expressions with it.

간에 기별도 안간다. -> The liver doesn't even notice it. (Used when food is not enough to feel full)
간이 크다. -> Your liver is so big. (Used when someone is brave or fearless)
간이 부었다. -> Your liver is swollen. (Used when someone is reckless or imprudent)

I liver totally sank today! :(

Be knowledgeable and work efficiently.

Hi. I have this big LCD monitor at home. 20 inches, I think. The monitor was working fine except there was a big black square patch on the top right corner. I had no idea where that was coming from. I used it to watch TV connected to a set-top box because it was no good for the internet browsing. It was OKish to watch TV but I was finally annoyed enough about the black patch yesterday and bought a new TV. Yay! :) I was going to remove the monitor but I though I might ask a friend who might want it. I explained the problem to a friend of mine and he had a look at the monitor. Then, he fixed the problem in a matter of minutes. It was caused by the PIP(Picture-in-picture) mode being activated. I was like.. totally blushing from embarrassment... I didn't even know the monitor was capable of PIP. Anyway, this happening reminded me of this expression.

If you are ignorant your hands and feet will suffer.
무식하면 손발이 고생이다.

무식하면, musichamyon, being ignorant (무식하다)
손, soan, hand
발이, balyi, foot + …

A big accident almost happened.

Hi all. Earlier today, I was on my way to the gym after a nice morning jog with a couple of friends. I was driving on a motorway when I saw two pillows lying across the first and second lanes! One of them was a normal pillow but the other one was one of those extra long body pillows. Luckily I was driving on the third lane but it looked so dangerous. I hope there was no big accidents because of that.

A big accident almost happened.
큰 사고 날 뻔했어요.

큰, kn, big
사고, sago, accident
날, nal, occur (나다)
뻔했어요, bbunhatsoyo, almost happened (뻔하다)

큰 사고 날 뻔했어요.
kn sago nal bbunhatsoyo.

When something has almost happened, we use -ㄹ 뻔하다 expression.

I almost missed the bus. -> 버스를 놓칠 뻔했어요.
The movie was so funny, it almost killed me with laughter. -> 영화가 너무 재밌어서, 웃다가 죽을 뻔했어요.

You can use 일 (il, incident or event) instead of 사고 in today's sentence. While 사고 is implying a physical accident, '큰 일 날 뻔했어요' can be used to in other non-physical cases too. For example, it can be used when some secret is…

I got stood up.

Hi all. What is the chance to get stood up in the connected world? Very slim, I guess. But it could be still happening like it happened to me tonight. :) I was going to meet a friend from down town earlier but she never showed up. No SMS, no facebook wall post, no twitter message.. nothing. Now I am getting worried. I just hope she is fine.

I got stood up.

바람, baram, wind
맞았어요, majatsoyo, got hit


바람맞다 also means being paralysed from the stroke. So basically this expression is saying, when you get stood up, you look as miserable as you are suffering from a stroke. Pretty harsh, don't you think? lol

I am seeing another friend tomorrow to go for a run together. I am not going to be stood up this time because I am seeing her from her place! She'd better be there! :)

Are you a professional swimmer?

Hi everyone. I am sorry that I haven't been updating new lessons for a long time. I have an excuse and that is not surprisingly "too much work"! But then I realized that I had started this blog to switch off from work. :) Anyway, I worked late quite a few nights recently and didn't go to the gym as often as I used to. I managed to go for a swim last Saturday and someone asked me if I was a professional swimmer! Not because my swimming was awesome but because I have broad shoulders. :P Despite the physical advantage, I am actually scared of water and only swim in shallow water.

Are you a professional swimmer by any chance?
혹시 수영 선수에요?

혹시, hoksi, by any chance
수영, suyoung, swimming
선수에요, sunsooaeyo, are you an athlete?

혹시 수영 선수에요?
hoksi suyoung sunsooaeyo?

혹시 can be used in many circumstances.

When you are guessing or unsure:
Are you Korean by any chance? -> 혹시 한국 사람이에요?

When there is a possibility:
Call me if something happens. -> 혹시 무슨 일 있으면 전화해요.

When there is a hypothet…