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Let's start again!

It's almost end of the long weekend. It was a good break for me since last vacation in December. I have been reading a book on the weekend which title is "What Google Really Wants" by Thomas Schulz. I am also working in IT but every time I read about their ambition, it blows my mind. Maybe what we need to ask ourselves is not how to do something but what we want to do and why. Tomorrow, I will get back to work and start working hard to find better reasons why I do what I do.

Let's get started again!
그럼 다시 시작해볼까!

그럼, then
다시, again
시작하다, begin, start
~볼까, shall I, shall we

그럼 다시 시작해볼까!
Gurom dasi sijakhebolka

~볼까 is used when you make a suggestion to someone. 그럼 이제(now) 먹어(eat)볼까? Shall I(we) eat now? 그럼 내일(tomorrow) 가(go)볼까? Shall I(we) go tomorrow?

You probably know that in Korean, subject can be left out. So it is not clear whether the speaker is talking to themselves or talking to otheres. It is all in the context of the situation.

Hope you guys had a great weeken…

I am so disappointed

I am in my hometown, Busan. Since I am not a tourist here, I rarely go to tourists attractions like Haeundae beach(해운대 해수욕장) or Jagalchi Market(자갈치 시장) But when I come to Busan with my nephews, there is one place we don't miss and it is a PC cafe near my parents place.

Few months ago, my nephews and I came to Busan without their parents. When I ran oit of things to entertain them, I took them to a PC cafe for the first time. Since they have been watching game videos like Overwatch on Youtube and their parents don't allow them to go to PC cafe, they were super excited about it and really enjoyed playing games on a big screen. Since then, we made a rule to visit PC cafe every time we come to Busan.

My nephews wanted to go there several times during this trip, but their parents wanted to do more touristy things. So we ended up going there only once during three day visit. The younger nephew was really disappointed about it.

Only one visit, how is this possible?!
한번밖에 못가다니 어찌 이럴수가…

Nothing goes as planned.

A trip to Kyungju was fun. The weather was very nice and traffic was also fine until we got to Kyungju. As we expected, there were a lot of holiday people. Traffic jam in downtown was pretty bad.

When we got there it was already lunch time. My sister had already done intensive research where would be the best place for lunch in Kyungju. Since we don't come this way often, she wanted to try one of the popular ones. So she decided to try a restaurant that had been featured in a food show on TV. 
When we got there though, there were about 30 people queued in front of the restaurant. It was already 1pm and my nephews had no patience for it. The 14 year old one protested, "I don't want delicious food! I just want to eat a lot!!" 
So we hurried into a relatively empty restaurant but the waitresses were literally running around carrying foods. We made an order to a middle aged woman who seemed to be in a complete panic mode. And of course she forgot what we ordered. So we h…