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This is out-of-this-world delicious!

Hi. I went out to dinner with a friend who was Japanese earlier tonight. She was planning go to Korea soon and I helped her to refresh her Korean skills. :) We were talking about food and she pointed out a funny expression that she couldn't find anything like that in Japanese.

This is so delicious!
둘이 먹다 하나가 죽어도 모르겠어요.

둘이, duri, two people + suffix
먹다, mokda, while eating (먹다)
하나가, hanaga, one of us
죽어도, jugodo, even if die (죽다)
모르겠어요, morugetsoyo, I wouldn't notice (모르다)

둘이 먹다 하나가 죽어도 모르겠어요.
duri mokda hanaga jugodo morugetsoyo.

I wrote about how to count in Korea here and here.

This is an example of conditional case like '죽어도'.

The Korean food is so delicious, it can make you totally oblivious of what is going on around you. It is out of this world! Gobble up! :)

Money is not everything.

Hi all. I had to pick up my clothes from a dry-cleaning place today. They were quite a few items. The shop attendant found my stuff from the rack and handed them to me after glancing at an invoice off the cloth-hanger. I studied the invoice too after I got it. The items were charged in two groups. The first group was 27 dollars and the second group was 20 dollars. OK, 47 dollars in total. Then, the shop attendant told me that it was 27 dollars in total. hmm... she didn't seem to notice the second group. I gave her my credit card and signed on a receipt of 27 dollars of course. But, as I was leaving the shop, the guilt started coming over me. So I went back to the counter and paid the remaining 20 dollars. I am glad I did it because I could forget about it straightaway and didn't have to waste my time imagining a thriller story to conceal my deceit all day in case they chase after me. To this date, a lot of miseries are caused by people who claims something to be theirs when in…