I have no idea why that is happening.

Hi. I had a chance to take a bus today. As common as it is, we also have a smart card system to pay for the public transports in Brisbane. You touch your card to the machine on a bus that gives a gentle beep and a green light if all goes well. Do you know what happens when something does not work out exactly the way it wants? I was in a queue and there was a lady in front of me. She tagged her card but too long I think. The machine started beeping like mad flashing red lights. The poor lady must have thought that the transaction failed and kept touching her card to the machine which then gave more beeps and red flashes. Only then, the driver said that it was complaining because she had already paid for that trip. Don't you think the machine was a bit too harsh? Where is love?! It could have just said "Thanks but you already paid." with.. I don't know a blue light. We pay a lot of money for technologies. They need to be more kind to us! :)

I have no idea what is happening.
무슨 일인지 통 영문을 모르겠어요.

무슨, mooson, what
일인지, ilinji, matter
통, tong, absolutely nothing
영문을, youngmoonul, reason + suffix
모르겠어요, morugetsoyo, I don't know (모르다)

무슨 일인지 통 영문을 모르겠어요.
mooson ilinji tong youngmoonul morugetsoyo.

통 is an adverb that is used in a negative context.

A: He is so quiet.
B: 그는 통 말이 없다. He hardly speaks.

A: Are you interested in politics?
B: 나는 통 관심이 안가요. I have no interest.

이유(yiyou) also means reason but compared to 이유을 모르다, 영문을 모르다 sounds like that you are emphasizing the fact that you no clue.

Bye for now.


  1. hey min, i came across your blog while googling for how to say 생각해 볼게요, and just wanted to say thanks for teaching this phrase!

    the sales assistants in korea are so attentive it almost makes me embarrassed to look at anything.. but now i know just what to say :) keep teaching korean please~!

  2. Hi Mang, I will continue. Thanks for your support. :)


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