Golden week starts!

Yay!! It finally came! It is start of the week that many Koreans have been waiting for 10 years! There are three holidays next week. Monday is Labor Day and Wednesday day is Buddha's Birthday and Friday is Children's Day. So if one can tak Tuesday and Thursday off, that's 9 days off in total!!!!!

News says that national highways are already full of cars and the Incheon Airport is expecting two million people using the airport during this period. That's one fifth of Seoul population. Wow!

I have decided to take only Tuesday off. And my plan is a road trip to Kyungju and Busan with my sister's. Kyungju will be a great destination for my nephews to learn some histories because it was a capital of Silla Dynasty 1000 years ago and it's history and architecture is relatively well preserved.

Busan is my hometown. I will see my parents there. Since the May 8th is also Parents' Day I prepared a gift for them. A tablet. These days older people are also enjoying using the Internet and my parent like video calls with grand children. Mobile phone screen is not big enough for them. I hope they like my gift.

Golden week has started!
황금 연휴가 시작되었어요!

황금, gold
연휴, long weekend, long holidays
시작되다, started

황금 연휴가 시작되었어요!
Hwangum  yeonyuga sijakdeosoyo!

When is 황금연휴 this year in your country? How about Visiting Korea during 황금연휴? :)


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