Money is not everything.

Hi all. I had to pick up my clothes from a dry-cleaning place today. They were quite a few items. The shop attendant found my stuff from the rack and handed them to me after glancing at an invoice off the cloth-hanger. I studied the invoice too after I got it. The items were charged in two groups. The first group was 27 dollars and the second group was 20 dollars. OK, 47 dollars in total. Then, the shop attendant told me that it was 27 dollars in total. hmm... she didn't seem to notice the second group. I gave her my credit card and signed on a receipt of 27 dollars of course. But, as I was leaving the shop, the guilt started coming over me. So I went back to the counter and paid the remaining 20 dollars. I am glad I did it because I could forget about it straightaway and didn't have to waste my time imagining a thriller story to conceal my deceit all day in case they chase after me. To this date, a lot of miseries are caused by people who claims something to be theirs when in fact it is not. I wonder if they feel guilty at all.

Money is not all.
돈이 다가 아니에요.

돈이, doni, money + suffix
다가, daga, all + suffix
아니에요, anieyo, is not (아니다)

돈이 다가 아니에요.
doni daga anieyo.

Something이 다가 아니다 can be useful to talk about relationships. My friends in relationships tell me.

돈이(doni, money) 다가 아니다.
사랑이(sarangyi, love) 다가 아니다.
자식이(jasigi, children) 다가 아니다.
남편이(nampyoni, husband) 다가 아니다.
행복이(hengbogi, happiness) 다가 아니다.
희생이(huisangyi, sacrifice) 다가 아니다.

I guess we need a little bit of everything. :P


  1. aww~you're back! welcome! :D

    불로그가 다가 아니에요.... ㅅ_ㅅ

  2. haha, very good. :)

    Thanks, lacosta!

  3. 아름다움이 다가 아니예요..


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