Please top up 5000 won on my card.

Hi all. Isn't it daunting to figure out a bus fare, find the right coins or notes and make sure you get the correct changes and so on when you visit a country for the first time? I hereby declare that it is a thing in the past! :) We have something called T-money which you can use on bus, taxi and subway in Seoul and some other cities. You can even use it at a convenient store to pay for the goods. Most convenient stores sell T-money cards and you can top up T-money from there too. So use this when you visit Seoul if you don't want to come back with a bag full of coins. :)

Please top up 5000 won on my T-money card.
티머니 카드에 오천원 충전해 주세요.

티머니, T-money, T-money
카드에, cardae, card + suffix
오천원, ohchunwon, 5000 + won
충전해, chungjonhae, recharge (충전하다)
주세요, jusaeyo, give me (주다)

티머니 카드에 오천원 충전해 주세요.
T-money cardae ohchunwon chungjonhae jusaeyo.

The won is the Korean currency. Thanks to the inflation over the past half-century, the numbers are quite big compared to their value. Your chance to be a millionaire for a while. :)

-해 주세요 is an expression for asking a request or a favour.

You can omit '티머니 카드에' if you are already presenting the card to the assistant. It probably sounds better in real life.

Finally, welcome Eina! :)


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