From which exit should we meet?

Hi guys. Let's say, you have arrived at your subway station safely. That's great! But it is too soon to be relieved. You have accomplished only a half of the challenge and the second half is finding the right exit. :) You will see what I mean if you take a look at this map. It is where the city hall is and shows how many subway stations multiplied by the number of exits are concentrated in a small area. So, include the right exit number to your planning before you travel. A subway exit is great for a meeting spot so this expression might be helpful. :)

From which exit should we meet?
몇번 출구에서 만날까요?

몇번, myotbun, which number
출구에서, chulgooaeso, exit + suffix
만날까요, mannalggayo, should we meet? (만나다)

몇번 출구에서 만날까요?
myotbun chulgooaeso mannalggayo?

몇 means 'some unknown number' and 번 is a count word. There are different ways of counting in Korean as describe here. In short, '일, 이, 삼..' style is used for things in order while '하나, 둘, 셋..' style is for counting.

So, if you are talking about which exit, you should use '일, 이, 삼..' style.
삼번 출구에서 만나요. -> Let's meet from exit 3.
But if you are talking about how many times you have transferred, for example, you should use '하나, 둘, 셋..' style.
세번 갈아 탔어요. -> (I) transferred three times.

One last thing. If you want to make it clear with the other person whether you are meeting from the top or bottom of the stairs at the exit, try these:
삼번 출구 나와서 만나요. -> Let's meet from outside of exit 3.
삼번 출구 계단 밑에서 만나요. -> Let's meet from the bottom of stairs at exit 3.

I just found a great website that provides free Text To Speech(TTS) service here. Select Korean from Language options, copy a text and press "Say it"! It is awesome! :)

And finally!! Welcome, Wall님 and Taey님 to my blog! :)

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