Nothing goes as planned.

A trip to Kyungju was fun. The weather was very nice and traffic was also fine until we got to Kyungju. As we expected, there were a lot of holiday people. Traffic jam in downtown was pretty bad.

When we got there it was already lunch time. My sister had already done intensive research where would be the best place for lunch in Kyungju. Since we don't come this way often, she wanted to try one of the popular ones. So she decided to try a restaurant that had been featured in a food show on TV. 

When we got there though, there were about 30 people queued in front of the restaurant. It was already 1pm and my nephews had no patience for it. The 14 year old one protested, "I don't want delicious food! I just want to eat a lot!!" 

So we hurried into a relatively empty restaurant but the waitresses were literally running around carrying foods. We made an order to a middle aged woman who seemed to be in a complete panic mode. And of course she forgot what we ordered. So we had to wait longer. 

Finally food came and the taste was below average. But kids were full and that is just enough.

Nothing goes as I planned. 
계획대로 되는 일이 없어요. 

계획, plan
~대로, in accordance with 
되다, happens
일, matter
없다, doesn't exist

뜻대로 되는 일이 없어요. 
ddutdero duenun ili upsoyo. 

~대로 can be useful with other verbs. For example, 말하는대로 means "as you have said". 말하다(speak) + 대로. When you want to say that things will happen as you say. 말하는대로 이루어진다(be realized)
Another example would be, 생각대로. It means "as thought". 생각대로 안된다 means "things don't work out as thought". 

The rest of the trip continued to be full of twists and turns of original plan but it all worked out and we had a lot of fun. :)


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