I am so disappointed

I am in my hometown, Busan. Since I am not a tourist here, I rarely go to tourists attractions like Haeundae beach(해운대 해수욕장) or Jagalchi Market(자갈치 시장) But when I come to Busan with my nephews, there is one place we don't miss and it is a PC cafe near my parents place.

Few months ago, my nephews and I came to Busan without their parents. When I ran oit of things to entertain them, I took them to a PC cafe for the first time. Since they have been watching game videos like Overwatch on Youtube and their parents don't allow them to go to PC cafe, they were super excited about it and really enjoyed playing games on a big screen. Since then, we made a rule to visit PC cafe every time we come to Busan.

My nephews wanted to go there several times during this trip, but their parents wanted to do more touristy things. So we ended up going there only once during three day visit. The younger nephew was really disappointed about it.

Only one visit, how is this possible?!
한번밖에 못가다니 어찌 이럴수가?!

한번, one time
~밖에, only thing
못가다, cannot go
어찌, how
이럴수가, this could happen

한번밖에 못가다니 어찌 이럴수가?
Hanbunbake motgadani ochi irolsuga?!

When you feel shame on something, you can say something(하)다니 어찌 이럴수가. 어찌 이럴수가 also means something unthinkable happened or I am in total disbelief.
어찌 is a colloquial form of 어떻게.

This Sunday, I will sadly say 황금연휴가 벌써 끝이라니 어찌 이럴수가, I cannot believe that the Golden week is already over. Well, now I will try to enjoy the remaining holiday more. :)


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