Are you a professional swimmer?

Hi everyone. I am sorry that I haven't been updating new lessons for a long time. I have an excuse and that is not surprisingly "too much work"! But then I realized that I had started this blog to switch off from work. :) Anyway, I worked late quite a few nights recently and didn't go to the gym as often as I used to. I managed to go for a swim last Saturday and someone asked me if I was a professional swimmer! Not because my swimming was awesome but because I have broad shoulders. :P Despite the physical advantage, I am actually scared of water and only swim in shallow water.

Are you a professional swimmer by any chance?
혹시 수영 선수에요?

혹시, hoksi, by any chance
수영, suyoung, swimming
선수에요, sunsooaeyo, are you an athlete?

혹시 수영 선수에요?
hoksi suyoung sunsooaeyo?

혹시 can be used in many circumstances.

When you are guessing or unsure:
Are you Korean by any chance? -> 혹시 한국 사람이에요?

When there is a possibility:
Call me if something happens. -> 혹시 무슨 일 있으면 전화해요.

When there is a hypothetical situation:
What would you do if you meet an alien? -> 혹시 외계인을 만나면 어떻게 하겠어요?

Sometime we say, 혹시나 or 혹여나 which is slightly more emphasizing. And there is an interesting expression related, 혹시나 했는데 역시나. 역시 means too or also. This expression is used when there is a situation where you had a slightest hope to have a different result but yet again the result was disappointing. So it is usually used in a negative situation. For example:

I saw the movie Eclipse. It was 혹시나 했는데 역시나 boring. :P


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