Be knowledgeable and work efficiently.

Hi. I have this big LCD monitor at home. 20 inches, I think. The monitor was working fine except there was a big black square patch on the top right corner. I had no idea where that was coming from. I used it to watch TV connected to a set-top box because it was no good for the internet browsing. It was OKish to watch TV but I was finally annoyed enough about the black patch yesterday and bought a new TV. Yay! :) I was going to remove the monitor but I though I might ask a friend who might want it. I explained the problem to a friend of mine and he had a look at the monitor. Then, he fixed the problem in a matter of minutes. It was caused by the PIP(Picture-in-picture) mode being activated. I was like.. totally blushing from embarrassment... I didn't even know the monitor was capable of PIP. Anyway, this happening reminded me of this expression.

If you are ignorant your hands and feet will suffer.
무식하면 손발이 고생이다.

무식하면, musichamyon, being ignorant (무식하다)
손, soan, hand
발이, balyi, foot + suffix
고생이다, gosengyida, suffer (고생하다)

무식하면 손발이 고생이다.
musichamyon soanbalyi gosengyida.

If someone does not know how to work efficiently, that person would have to repeat the same basic steps many time. For example, if you don't know how to do multiplications, you will just repeat additions. Or you wrote a blog then you realized some facts were wrong so you have to update it again. You can say, 무식하면 손발이 고생이야 in that situation. :)

Anyway, now I am set up for a truly multi-taking oriented environment. Watching TV on a brand new TV, browsing the internet on a now prefect monitor and do something else on PIP? :P

Bye for now.


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