I was shaking in my boots.

Hi. I was preparing a late dinner after working late tonight. As if it was not exhausting enough, I found this thing on the wall in the kitchen. It was the biggest spider I have ever seen. It was easily bigger than my palm!

I was shaking in my books.
간이 철렁 내려앉았어요.

간이, gani, liver + suffix
철렁, cheolong, a look of water waving or overflowing
내려앉았어요, neryoanjatsoyo, collapse or sink (내려앉다)

간이 철렁 내려앉았어요.
gani cheolong neryoanjatsoyo.

간이 철렁 내려앉다 or 간이 철렁하다 in short means that you are so totally shocked and have a cold sweat.

간, liver, is an important organ so there is some interesting expressions with it.

간에 기별도 안간다. -> The liver doesn't even notice it. (Used when food is not enough to feel full)
간이 크다. -> Your liver is so big. (Used when someone is brave or fearless)
간이 부었다. -> Your liver is swollen. (Used when someone is reckless or imprudent)

I liver totally sank today! :(


  1. when did you stop updating your blog? T_T
    we miss your posts! even though I never commented, I found them really useful! >_<'
    please start updating again! 1x a week is ok, too ^^

  2. Hi there. I have been really busy at work. I will try to write more often. Thanks for your support. :)


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