I got stood up.

Hi all. What is the chance to get stood up in the connected world? Very slim, I guess. But it could be still happening like it happened to me tonight. :) I was going to meet a friend from down town earlier but she never showed up. No SMS, no facebook wall post, no twitter message.. nothing. Now I am getting worried. I just hope she is fine.

I got stood up.

바람, baram, wind
맞았어요, majatsoyo, got hit


바람맞다 also means being paralysed from the stroke. So basically this expression is saying, when you get stood up, you look as miserable as you are suffering from a stroke. Pretty harsh, don't you think? lol

I am seeing another friend tomorrow to go for a run together. I am not going to be stood up this time because I am seeing her from her place! She'd better be there! :)


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