She is blinded by bean pods.

Hi all. I have a few friends who are madly in love at the moment. One is in her twenties, two in their thirties and the last one in her fifties. It seem the age doesn't matter though. All of them has the same sweet sixteen look on their faces. :) That is the power of bean pods.

She is blinded by bean pods.
눈에 콩깍지가 단단히 씌였네요.

눈에, nune, eye + suffix
콩깍지가, konggajjiga, bead pod + suffix
단단히, dandani, firmly
씌였네요, ssiyonneyo, covered (씌다)

눈에 콩깍지가 단단히 씌였네요.
nune konggajjiga dandani ssiyonneyo.

Definitely, 콩깍지 is a secret ingredient of love. 콩깍지 creates the optical illusion that makes your boyfriend look as gorgeous as Orlando Bloom and your girlfriend look as beautiful as Miranda Kerr. :) We have a song about it and a movie too.

And you know that feeling when the person is here with me in body, but not in spirit. My friends are like that. They are looking at me, but not really. lol An expression for this also has bean in it.

마음이 벌써 콩밭에 가 있네요. -> The spirit has already gone to the bean field.

Who else is in love? I am happy for you. :)


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