I feel relieved a lot more now.

Hi. I have been learning a lot about a compassionate lifestyle in the last year or so. I read a lot of books, saw many spiritual teachers including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, went to retreats, did a lot of meditation, became a vegetarian(except a few occasions including tonight), and made quite a lot of donations to various organisations. I was helping others as much as I can but I was still carrying a big bag of guilty feelings. And the reason was, because I haven't been sending letters to the child that I am sponsoring through World Vision. World Vision send Christmas cards, birthday cards to me and all I need to do is write something and send it off in the enclosed return envelope. But still I managed to put it off to miss the deadline for the last couple of years. I don't know how to describe the feeling when I got her Christmas card last year. I felt shame, guilt, frustration and anger towards myself. It was terrible. Thankfully, World Vision was kind enough to give me another chance for the child's 12th birthday in November. And finally, I wrote the letter and send it off in time!! I feel much better and realized yet again giving just money is not everything....

I feel relieved a lot more now.
이제 마음이 한결 가볍네요.

이제, yije, now
마음이, maumi, mind + suffix
한결, hangyol, a lot more
가볍네요, gabyopneyo, light (가볍다)

이제 마음이 한결 가볍네요.
yije maumi hangyol gabyopneyo.

마음이 가볍다 means feeling relieved. And 한결, when used as an adverb by itself, means "much" or "a lot more".
날씨가 한결 따뜻해졌다. -> The weather became a lot warmer
몸이 한결 튼튼해졌다. -> The body became a lot healthier.

Don't get confused 한결 with 한결같다. 한결같다 means something doesn't change and stay the same for a long time. For example:
이 사람은 한결같다. -> This person is very consistent.
우리의 우정은 한결같다. -> Our friendship has stayed the same.

I was wondering what would have been like if my sponsor child was on facebook or had a mobile phone. That would have been a lot easier for me at least. And that got me thinking that I might as well provide the child with a phone. It would be fun to SMS with the little girl and get to know more about each other. Not a bad idea in my opinion. :)


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