My new year's resolution was abandoned after three days.

Hi. It seems this guy is quite popular with his new book called "The 4-Hour Body". I didn't read the book but I am sure it would be full of great ideas to keep your body fit with minimum effort. But I have something better for you. It is called "The 4-Day Body". It is simple to follow too. All you need to do is make a new years resolution to loose weight and go gung-ho for the first four days of the year. Did you have some muscle pain? Then you are good to go for the rest of the year! This is exactly what I did this year! I feel great! ;) There is a perfect Korean expression for this kind of situation. It takes only three days so it is even better! ;)

My new year's resolution was abandoned after three days.
올해 새해 계획도 작심삼일로 끝났어요.

올해, ohlae, this year
새해, saehae, new year
계획도, gyehwekdo, plan + suffix meaning as well
작심삼일로, jaksimsamilo, determined mind didn't last long + suffix to indicate a result
끝났어요, ggtnatsoyo, ended (끝나다)

올해 새해 계획도 작심삼일로 끝났어요.
ohlae saehae gyehwekdo jaksimsamilo ggtnatsoyo.

올해 is this current year. This word is pure Korean. A Chinese originated synonym is 금년(今年).

작심삼일 is a Chinese originated expression and written 作心三日 in Chinese. It literally means "You make up your mind to last three days." and used when someone cannot stick to a plan.

The suffix -로 means it is a result of something.

Who else has a three-day body like me? Who cares about a little bit of soft stuff around stomach! Let's be happy under our skin for the rest of the year! :D


  1. hrm, my new years resolution is about the same... I gave up beer and am exercising more... but there are too many snacks at my company!
    4월에 친구의 결혼식도 가야 하니, 열심히 다이어트를 해야겠죠 ㅋㅋ

  2. 흑.. 저는 6월에 친구 결혼식 있어요. 같이 열심히 다이어트해요.ㅋ

  3. 악! 똑 같네요! 근데 민씨는 저보다 2달정도 있는 것 같네요.
    결혼식은 확실히 좋은 자극이다고 생각해요 ㅋㅋ


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