A single prayer moves heaven.

Happy New Year! A much, much overdue, I know.. :P This new year is starting very wet in Australia. The floods in Queensland are continuing affecting a lot of people. Even ones I know. I have a colleague who is living in a bush area. He couldn't come to work last Friday because his place was in danger from the heavy rain. I was wondering how the situation was over the weekend, so I texted him. At 4 PM, he said he was digging trenches and it was only 10mm away from the water getting inside the house. :( The situation in a photo he sent me was indeed serious. I texted him back saying I would pray for him. And I prayed. "Dear rain, please stop, would you!?" And a miracle happened! An hour later, he texted me back saying my prayer worked! He said the trench had worked and the rain had almost stopped! Hallelujah! :)

A single prayer moves heaven.
지성이면 감천이다.

지성, jisong, heartfelt devotion
-이면, yimyon, in case of something
감천, gamchon, moves heaven

지성이면 감천이다.
jisongyimyon gamchonyida.

My mother is an expert in prayer. She prayed for the health of the family, for our university entrance exams, children's good marriages, grandchildren's good health, son-in-laws' promotions... She is unbelievable. :) Her latest prayer is focused on me to get married. I told her that she was wasting her prayer and to find a better thing to pray for. lol. However, I do believe in the power of prayer. So we will see what happens if she doesn't stop. ;)

Anyway, 지성이면 감천이라는데, send your prayer to those who need it. :)


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