That is really petty.

Hi there. I am following news in IT industry as part of my job. Recently, patent lawsuits are increasing a lot between mobile phone makers namely, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, HTC and so on. At this point, no one seems to be completely innocent because they are suing each other. Some months ago, Apple sued Samsung claiming that the offender copied their unique form factor, a black square with rounded corners to be blunt. What do other companies have to do not to copy black square form factor? A phone of a yellow triangular shape? Anyway, later one claimed that Apple had manipulated the evidence so that Samsung products look more like theirs. Hmm... Isn't that mean, or what?

That is really petty.
정말 치사하네요.

정말, jeongmal, really
치사하네요, chisahaneyo, petty/mean/shameful (치사하다)

정말 치사하네요.
jeongmal chisahaneyo.

치사하다 is to accuse someone for being mean or petty.  To say someone is acting petty, you can say "치사하게 굴다". Here, "-게 굴다(gulda)" means acting such a way. When spoken, the form changes to "-게 구네요" or "-게 굴었어요", "-게 굴래요?" etc.

A: Can you spare me one dollar? I am a bit short for the bus fare.
B: I don't think so.
A: 아~ 진짜 치사하게 구네.

A: I will follow you until you spare me one dollar!
B: 아~ 진짜 귀찮게 구네. (You are acting really annoying)
A: 계속 치사하게 굴래? (Are you going to keep acting mean?)

I think companies need to protect their intellectual properties but some patents are too generic in my opinion. And the cost of these lawsuits will burden the customers one way or another. Eventually there will be only one group of happy people. And they will be lawyers without question. :)


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