That is way more than needed.

Hi. Sometime ago, I was thinking why I hadn't been reading much in the last few years. Having thought of the reason seriously, after a while, it became obvious. I wasn't reading because I didn't have a Amazon Kindle. Who reads paper books these days?! (Borders closed) I ordered a Kindle the next day and it arrived within a few days. I loved it. I "downloaded" a bunch of "e-books" immediately. And I loved it more! Since I don't like my gadgets being scratched, I decided to buy a cover for my Kindle as well. I went to and browsed the covers. There were many at different prices with some covers as expensive as $125! A $125 cover to protect a $139 device? If I bought that one, I would need to get another cover to protect the cover. It was definitely much more than I needed.

That is way more than needed.
배보다 배꼽이 더 크네요!

배보다, baeboda, belly + suffix for comparison
배꼽이, baeggobi, belly button + suffix
더, duo, more
크네요, kneyo, big

배보다 배꼽이 더 크네요!
baeboda baeggobi duo kneyo

Literally, it says that the belly button is bigger than the belly. And we use this expression when a solution to a problem is overkill. A practice that seems quite common in online shopping business. A picture is worth a thousand words. These images will give you an idea when to use this expression. :)
One jar of crushed garlic delivered in a big thermocol box with two ice-packs.
This box is way too big to carry only four batteries.

In the end, I didn't buys anything from Amazon because I found a ten dollar one from eBay. I cannot be happier about that. :)


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