This is really making me angry!

Hi. I went to university in Korea when there were a lot of anti-government activities among students. I was never that political before but somehow I got involved heavily. During the summer of the second year, there was a massive protest in Seoul. It went on for three days and we were roaming about the city to avoid the police. The event ended without a big drama but our luck ran out there. On the way to our hometown, we all fell asleep on a chartered bus. And when we woke up, the bus was conveniently parked in front of a police station. D'oh!! All of us were arrested and sentenced to a few days in cells at the back of the police station. I was locked up for five days and it was enough to feel what it was like to loose freedom. I still remember the freshness of the air when I got released. And I swore to God that I would never do anything that could risk my freedom again. Never! But then, news like this (constructing a military base on a tourism island and suppressing people who wants peace) really makes my blood boil and calls for an action!

This is really making me angry!
진짜 열받게 하네요!

진짜, jinjja, seriously
열받게, yeolbagge, make angry, (literally, get heated)
하네요, haneyo, it does

진짜 열받게 하네요!
jinjja yeolbagge haneyo

열받다 is a colloquial expression used when you are really angry, like I am now!

Jeju island is a UNESCO World Heritage and geologically it does not make sense to have a missile defence system at the far south of Korea. Whom are we protected from by having this?

Please help to save Jeju by spreading the story.
And special thanks to Matthew Hoey for posting this Youtube video.

I was so 열받아서, I wrote "Keep fighting for peach!" when I signed the petition from here. Let's not loose it over anger. ^^;;


  1. 진짜 is an expression that i use a lot of my daily life XD
    I voted in Jeju island ofr 7 wonders of the world. I'm a JYJ fan, a I knew this place in that way~

  2. 진짜? :) I visited Jeju only four months ago and it was absolutely beautiful with Cherry blossoms everywhere. I really hope we save this beautiful island.

  3. I already signed for the petition! and I also sent it to my friends through facebook and twitter! I hope the our vote can help Jeju Island!
    Someday I wish visit your country and Jeju Island!


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