I am forgetful these days.

Hi. Things at work were not great yesterday. A lot of things didn't work out the way I hoped. Probably the most productive activity for me was that I cooked sausages for BBQ lunch at work. They were cooked to perfection! :) Anyway, I left work feeling helpless. I found my car at the car park and open the door. I threw my bag to the seat on the other side as I collapsed into the driver's seat... only to find out that there was no wheel in front of me. I was sitting in the wrong seat. D'oh! No one else was there but it was still embarrassing. :(

I am forgetful these days.
제가 요즘 깜박깜박 해요.

제가, jega, I (polite form)
요즘, yozm, these days
깜박, ggambbak, describing forgetfulness
해요, haeyo, do (하다)

제가 요즘 깜박깜박 해요.
jega yozm ggambbakggambbak haeyo.

깜박 can also be used to describe when light is twinkling or when eyes are blinking. I think this expression is describing forgetfulness using a twinkling light as analogy. The mind is sometimes there and sometimes not. :)

There is a slight difference in usage depending on whether you repeat 깜박 or not. 깜박깜박 is general tendency while 깜박 is for a particular situation. Compare these two.

A: Did you forget where you parked your car again?
B: 제가 요즘 깜박깜박 해요.

A: Did you bring your car key?
B: 깜박 했어요.

See you again if I don't 깜빡. :)


  1. 안녕하세요?
    블로그 재미있네요 ^^
    Its interesting to read and nice to learn natural expressions~
    I think your newer posts are nice because they have some phrases you won't find in a textbook.
    또 놀러 올거예요~

  2. 안녕하세요. 코멘트 감사합니다.^^
    또 만나요.^^


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