Think of it as a small misfortune that prevents a bigger one.

Hi. I am on a Christmas/New Year holiday. The plan was to write more often but I got lazy. Nothing new about that. :) I managed to hang out with a friend of mine a few times though. We are miserably single. So every time we ended up renting on and on about how this was possible! After a much longer contemplation, the only logical conclusion is that this is an act of karma. ;) Anyway, most of days, I am just sitting around, eating one meal a day - really big though - and watching TV news on the wild weather around the globe. I feel sorry for those affected and hope it gets better soon. To help you stay positive, I would like to share this expression. :)

Think of it as a small misfortune that prevents a bigger one.
액땜했다고 생각하세요.

액땜, aekddem, preventing misfortune
했다고, hatdago, have done
생각하세요, sangakhaseyo, think as such (생각하다)

액땜했다고 생각하세요.
aekddemhatdago sangakhaseyo.

This is an expression that we use to cheer up someone who has experienced a misfortune. Lost wallet, small accident, argument with someone, early detection of a disease and so on. Especially when something has happened just before a new year, we rather think the misfortune is a good sign. As 액땜 is a part of our culture, we have a traditional play to cause a misfortune intentionally. Kite flying is popular around the New Year and we intentionally cut the string to loose a kite that will carry away all the bad luck.

I think 2011 is going to be good after all this hardship. In the meantime, I am going to go and make a donation to the Red Cross or something. That will improve my karma! ;)


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