She is pushing the limits.

Hi. Recently, the US president Barack Obama signed a bill to repeal "Don't ask don't tell" policy. Not only this is a significant event to many gay people, it also is a good news to all of us because the world is becoming more tolerant towards people with different beliefs and choices in life. Lady Gaga had a strong voice on this and she was recognized for her work. She and her 25 million fans on facebook can certainly contribute to making the world a better place. I wish Dalai Lama had 25 million fans on his facebook page. We will be able to change the world much faster following his simple teaching: kindness and compassion towards other beings, without seeing an eyesore like a meat dress or a US-airport-security-proof transparent dress. I am a little scared of what Lady Gaga is capable of now. Do I just need to work on my tolerance? :P

She is pushing the limits.
별의별 짓을 다 하네요.

별의별, byolebyol, all sorts of
짓을, jitsol, an act + suffix
다, da, all
하네요, haneyo, do (하다)

별의별 짓을 다 하네요.
byolebyol jitsol da haneyo.

별 alone means something outstanding or special. 별의별 or 별별 literally means all kinds of things. They may carry some negative nuance depending on the context. For example:

A: Thank you for our help.
B: 별 말씀을요. (Don't mention it. Literally, You are making a special mention.) - neutral

A: What did you see at the zoo?
B: 별의별 동물을 다 봤어요. (I saw all kinds of animals.) - neutral

A: I saw you littering before. That is not nice.
B: 별 꼴이야. (Mind your own business. Literally, Right, you are so special.) - negative

A: What if the world ends in 2012?
B: 별의별 걱정을 다하네. (You have too much time on your hands. Literally, You are worrying about everything.) - negative

짓 is an act in a negative way. So "별의별 짓" means all kinds of acts that is not really positive.

The world will never be perfect. But we can make it less ridiculous. Cheers! :)


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