I am losing my senses.

Hi all. I love all kinds of animal shows on TV but I have to say that "Harry's Practice" is one of my favourites. Its intro song is so cute and catchy I used to sing along. :) It was really disappointing when the show ended for good quite a few years ago. But it was all for the better. Now we have this hunk of a man on "Bondi Vet". :) Anyway, I was watching this show tonight. There were many good episodes even though there was one slightly annoying thing. It was how they sliced up each episode and showed one minute of one episode and then another. It was like, cat->dog->goat->cat->rabbit->dog->cat->rabbit... I was on an emotional roller-coaster ride thanks to this style of editing. It was driving me mental!

I am totally losing my senses.
정신이 하나도 없어요.

정신이, jungsinyi, conciousness + suffix
하나도, hanado, not even one
없어요, upsoyo, is not there

정신이 하나도 없어요.
jungshinyi hanado upsoyo.

정신 could also mean spirit as in "일당백 정신" from a few days ago. More examples are:
헝그리 정신 -> hungry spirit
기사도 정신 -> gallantry
기업가 정신 -> entrepreneurship

하나도 also appeared in this post.

More examples:

There are so many things to do, 정신이 하나도 없어요!

I rarely watch Korean entertainment shows. The reason being, because of the audience's shrieking, 정신이 하나도 없어요. :)


  1. Interesting and useful...
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. 앗! 저도 Korean entertainment shows 안 봐요! 언제나 똑 같은 소리를 쓰고 정말 귀거칠어요. They also replay the same thing like 3x in a row...
    하지만, 동물농장 좋아해요 ^^

  3. Hi Sarah, 동물농장 나도 너무 좋아해요~~ 최고~! :)

  4. 인터넷은 정말 편리하네요. 민 씨도 저도(저는 일본에서) 한국에서 살고 있지 않은데 볼 수 있으니까. ^^


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