I am a Super Employee.

Hi. It is a very grateful thing if you have a job in this economically uncertain time. But there is a price to pay. To be able to keep your job these days, you need to become a Super Employee. Super Employees are people who can perform duties which are not the responsibilities that they have signed up for originally. And of course their performance on these tasks should be as professional because there is no room for mistakes. As an example, the pilots at Japan Airlines were asked to clean the cabin so that they can cut cost from cleaning crew. What a great idea! Why didn't think of this to begin with?

I am a Super Employee.
저는 일당백 직원입니다.

저는, jonun, I (polite)
일당백, ildangback, one who is as capable of one hundred
직원입니다, jigwonimnida, am employee

저는 일당백 직원입니다.
jonun ildangback jigwonimnida.

일 is one. 당 is per as in "per week". 백 is one hundred. So 일당백 literally mean one hundred of something per one. And we use this expression when one has to cover for many people. For example, if we are outnumbered in a battle, we will need this 일당백 정신(jungsin, spirit).

The workplace indeed became a battlefield. :(


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