You'd better know what you are doing.

Hi. I came across this news about an actor injured while performing a live stunt in a musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”. Hmm... I thought the reason why the movie version of it had so much CG was because it was rather dangerous to be performed by real human. :( Anyway, I hope he gets better soon.

You'd better know what you are doing.
만만하게 보면 큰 코 다친다.

만만하게, manmanhage, negligible or trivial (만만하다)
보면, bomyon, see (보다)
큰, kun, big
코, ko, nose
다친다, dachinda, hurt (다치다)

만만하게 보면 큰 코 다친다.
manmanhage bomyon kun ko dachinda.

만만하다 means something is not taken seriously. U-Kiss has a song called "만만하니" which could be translated as "You think I am a joke?" judging from their attitude on the video clip. :)

'큰 코 다친다' is an expression meaning 'you may fail despite your confidence'. It is an interesting idiom because not may Koreans have a big nose. So it got me thinking. Maybe an inspiration of this expression is people who are arrogant just because they happen to have a big nose unlike the rest of people. I am not really sure.. :) More examples:

A: This car is so small. How fast does it get?
B: 작다고 무시하면 큰 코 다친다. (If you neglect it because it is small, you will be surprised)

A: Mum, I think I can jump off from the roof!
B: 까불면 큰 코 다친다. (If you keep being naughty, you will get hurt.)

A: I will shout tonight! Drink as much as you want!
B: 큰 소리 치다가 큰 코 다친다. (If you speak out loud too much, you might get a really big bill.)

Let's refrain from being too confident. :)


  1. Hey Min,

    Really like your site. Simple, with good explanations of useful phrases. I just have a quick question, are you fluent in Korean?



  2. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for your visit. I am a native Korean living in Australia. :)



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