I am not making any money from this business.

Hi all. My parents have been running a kitchenware shop for almost forty years! I admire them for their dedication. :) I often saw people trying to get a better deal at my parents' shop since I was young. Most of customers were local and my parents knew some of them very well. And they will come up with all kinds of reasons for a discount. And my parents often replied like this:

I am not making any money from this business.
하나도 안 남는 장사에요.

하나도, hanado, not even one
안, an, not
남는, namnun, remain + suffix
장사에요, jangsaaeyo, retail business is

하나도 안 남는 장사에요.
hanado an namnun jangsaaeyo.

하나도 is commonly used when you want to emphasize that there is nothing at all. For example, compared to saying just "없어요", "하나도 없어요" means "there is nothing at all". You can use this to refer people as well as object.

버터가 하나도 없어요. -> There is no butter left.
사람이 하나도 없어요. -> There is no one.

Please see here and here where 안 for negation is explained.

If you find someone saying "하나도 안 남는 장사에요." reply like this. :)

하나도 안 남는 장사가 어디 있어요? -> Where is a business that makes no profit at all?

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