I am sweating like a pig.

Hi. Sweating like a pig is an interesting expression as I haven't seen any pigs sweating. :) An equivalent expression in Korean makes no sense to me either. :)

I am sweating like a pig.
팥죽 같은 땀이 줄줄 흐르네요.

팥죽, patjuk, red bean porridge
같은, gateon, as such (같다)
땀이, ddami, sweat + suffix
줄줄, juljul, look of liquid running down the surface
흐르네요, huruneyo, running (흐르다)

팥죽 같은 땀이 줄줄 흐르네요.
patjuk gateon ddami juljul huruneyo.

I sweat like red bean porridge running down my face?? I have no idea what the origin of this expression is. 팥죽 is a seasonal food that we enjoy in winter, especially on winter solstice. If the sweat is not that heavy, we also use '구슬 같은 땀' which literally means 'beads of sweat'.

Tomorrow's expression is "I feel energized after having stamina food!"



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