This summer is abnormally hot.

Hi guys, I will be visiting South Korea in a few days so am keeping an eye on the weather forecast. It is good that 장마 is finally over, but the temperature is going through the roof! I can see myself complaining about that already. :) This week, let's talk about hot weather and good ideas to avoid it.

This summer is abnormally hot.
이번 여름은 이상하게 무덥네요.

이번, yibun, this time
여름은, yeorumeun, summer + suffix
이상하게, yisanghagae, strangely (이상하다)
무덥네요, mudupnaeyo, sultry (덥다)

이번 여름은 이상하게 무덥네요.
yibun yeorumeun yisanghagae mudupnaeyo.

이 means this and 번 means order or count. As 저 means that, 저번 is a previous time or last time. If you want to talk about 저번 여름, the ending of 덥네요 has to change as well to match the tense like this:
저번 여름은 이상하게 무더웠어요.
If you are a great prophet who can predict next summer's weather:
다음번 여름은 이상하게 무더울 거에요. :)

이번/저번/다음번 + noun is a useful expression to give an event a sense of order as used in this post.

이상하다 is something is strange and abnormal. And we call an extreme weather 이상기온. 기온 alone means atmospheric temperature.

Finally, 무덥다 means hot and humid or sultry while 덥다 is just hot. As a derivative 무더위 is a noun meaning sultry weather.

이번 주에 무더위가 절정이에요. -> The steamy weather is at its peak this week.

Regardless of this weather, I am still looking forward to this trip! :)


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