All politicians are the same.

Hi all. People say all politicians are the same. But we always hope for some good ones. In this election in Australia, Wyatt Roy at the age of 20 was elected as a member of parliament. Yep, he is twenty years old! We all certainly hope he is different from the same old politicians! :)

All politicians are the same.
정치인은 다 똑같아요.

정치인은, jongchiineun, politician + suffix
다, da, all
똑같아요, ddokgatayo, exactly same (똑같다)

정치인은 다 똑같아요.
jongchiineun da ddokgatayo.

The word 정치인 is consist of 정치 (politics) plus 인 (people). You can add 인 to may other nouns to make people.
방송인 -> Media figures
음악인 -> Musical people
기업인 -> businesspeople

You can say just 같다 without 똑 when two things are the same. 똑 emphasize how they are exactly the same.

나는 Wyatt Roy와 나이가 (똑)같다. -> I am (exactly) the same age as Watt Roy.
나는 Wyatt Roy와 꿈이 (똑)같다. -> I have (exactly) the same dreams as Wyatt Roy's.
이 사과는 저 배와 가격이 (똑)같다. -> This apple has (exactly) the same price as that pear.
이 쌍둥이는 똑같이 생겼다. -> These twins look exactly the same.

Bye for now.


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