Dialogue 15

Hi all. It was a Bridge to Brisbane day today and I ran ten kilometers amongst forty thousand runners and walkers! It was a beautiful day to run and there were some very inspiring runners at all ages and in all interesting costumes. :) Check out some photos from the event. :)

This is a dialogue number fifteen!

A: Who are you going to vote for?
B: I have no idea.
A: Why is politics so boring?
B: Because all politicians are the same.
A: I wish I didn't have to care about politics.

A: 누구 뽑을 거에요?
nugu bbobul goaeyo?
B: 아무 생각이 없어요.
amu sengagi upsoyo.
A: 정치는 왜 이렇게 지루하죠?
jongchinun wae yirotke jiruhajo?
B: 왜냐면 정치인은 다 똑같으니까요.
waenyamyun jongchiineun da ddokgatuniggayo.
A: 정치에 신경을 안 쓰면 속이 시원하겠어요.
jongchiae singyongeul an ssumyun sogi siwonhagetsoyo.

Let me know if you want me to elaborate on any sentences.
Bye for now! :)


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