The heat wave have flinched because of this rain.

Hi everyone! :) I am in Korea enjoying the time with family and friends. I was going to have a break from blogging during the holiday but I just thought I would do it anyway if I wanted! :) The first few days in Korea were really tough for me because of the heat wave, day and night. It was unbearable! Thankfully, last couple of days were better with some rain as Korea is under influence of a typhoon or 태풍.

The heat wave have flinched because of this rain.
이번 비로 인하여 더위가 한풀 꺾였어요.

이번, yibun, this time
비로, biro, rain + suffix
인하여, inhayeo, because of
더위가, durweega, heat + suffix
한풀, hanpool, a big chunck of severity
꺾였어요, ggokyotsoyo, break or snap (꺾이다)

이번 비로 인하여 더위가 한풀 꺾였어요.
yibun biro inhayeo durweega hanpool ggokyotsoyo.

-로 인하여 is to indicate a cause or reason of what happens in the following phrase. 인하여 can be omitted. For example,
휴가로 인하여 블로그 업데이트가 안 돼요 -> The blog doesn't get updated due to holiday.
취미로 블로그를 해요. -> (I) blog for a hobby.

한풀 꺾이다 is an expression and means that anger, heat, cold, etc subsides or gets reduced.
화가 한풀 꺾이다. -> My anger subsides.
주가가 한풀 꺾이다. -> The stock market flinches.

See you next time! :)


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