I feel energized after having stamina food!

Hi. There are three specific days which indicate the start, peak and end of the hottest summer period. They are called 초복, 중복 and 말복 respectively. There is a complicated method to calculate those days, which I won't be able to explain here, but 하지 or summer solstice is the reference point to calculate the first day. Anyway, as a tradition we enjoy various stamina food around these days. The most famous one is 삼계탕. This Sunday is 말복 and luckily I will be enjoy authentic 삼계탕 in Korea this time. :)

I feel energized after having stamina food!
보양식을 먹었더니 힘이 솟는데요!

보양식을, boyangsikeul, stamina food + suffix
먹었더니, mogutdoni, because (I) ate (먹다)
힘이, himi, energy + suffix
솟는데요, sonnundaeyo, raising (솟다)

보양식을 먹었더니 힘이 솟는데요!
boyangsikeul mogutdoni himi sonnundaeyo!

-더니 is an ending style that makes the first phrase a cause of the second phrase. For example:
땀을 흘렸더니 목이 말라요. -> I sweated and that's why I am thirsty.
수영을 했더니 상쾌하네요. -> I swam and that's why I feel refreshed.
매일 공부했더니 한국말 잘해요. -> I studied everyday and that's why I speak well.

So, I won't be able to update my blog for a week or so. See you when I get back.
Keep studying!! :)


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