It's too hot! Why don't we go for a swim in the valley?

Hi everyone. How do you deal with it when it is too hot? How about jumping in to the cold weather in a valley. There is a perfect spot in South Korea called 얼음골(Eoreumgol, Ice Valley) As the name suggests, you can see ice from there even in the middle of summer. No matter how hot the weather is, you will be freezing once you get in the water. How interesting is that? I wonder if there are similar places in other countries. Swimming in the valley is as popular as going to the beach in Korea.

It is too hot! Why don't we go for a swim in the valley?
너무 더운데 계곡에 수영하러 안 갈래요?

너무, nurmu, too much
더운데, duoundae, as it is hot (덥다)
계곡에, gaegogae, valley + suffix
수영하러, sooyoungharo, to swim (수영하다)
안, an, not
갈래요, gallaeyo, would you like to go (가다)

너무 더운데 계곡에 수영하러 안 갈래요?
nurmu duoundae gaegogae sooyoungharo an gallaeyo?

Even though there are two separate sentences in English, I made it to be one sentence in Korean to use -ㄴ데 expression. -ㄴ데 following a adjective or verb indicates a precondition that causes or explains the situation in the second part of the sentence. This 데 can be confused with the case where -데 is used as a shorted form of 그런데 as explained here. Compare these two sentences.
한국말 재밌는데 더 잘하고 싶어요. -> Korean is fun so I want to speak better.
한국말 재밌는데 어려워요. -> Korean is fun but it is difficult.

verb러 + 가다 is a very common expression and 러 makes the verb an objective of 가다.
한국에 공부하러 가요. -> (I am) going to Korea to study.
한국에 일하러 가요. -> (I am) going to Korea for work.

BTW, I found some more interesting nouns which are synonyms for 무더위. Let me translate them literally.
불볕 더위 -> fire sunlight heat
짐통 더위 -> steamer heat
가마솥 더위 -> iron pot heat
폭염 -> violent fire (Chinese origin)

Tomorrow's expression is "I am sweating like a pig." Can you guess how you say it in Korean? :)

Anyway, 이제 자러 가요 or I am going to sleep now. :)


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