Why is politics so boring?

Hi all. I thought I was going to tell which party had won by the end of last night. I was wrong about that. But I was correct about that the preferences were split in half. There are some more votes to be counted, but neither of the parties got majority yet. Both parties are trying to win the support from three independent seats. It will be nail biting for those leaders. Election was all boring until I found out about my ex-workmate entered the election as a Senate candidate in Adelaide this evening!! I am not going to name her name here but she was representing The Secular Party of Australia. Good on her! But I still think politics is boring. :P

Why is politics so boring?
정치는 왜 이렇게 지루하죠?

정치는, jongchinun, politics + suffix
왜, wae, why
이렇게, yirotke, like this
지루하죠, jiruhajo, boring (지루하다)

정치는 왜 이렇게 지루하죠?
jongchinun wae yirotke jiruhajo?

I am going to talk about the difference between '왜' and '왜 이렇게' today. I think we use just '왜', if we are after really serious answers. On the other hand, '왜 이렇게' is used when your personal feelings are involved. For example, (if you allow me to ask a dumb question :P):
지구는 왜 둥글죠? -> Why is the earth round?
But it would sound more strange if I say:
지구는 왜 이렇게 둥글죠? -> Why on earth is the earth round like this??

As another example:
왜 늦었어요? -> Why are you late?
왜 이렇게 늦었어요? -> Why are you late like this?
In the first example, you are more likely curious about the real reason for the person to be late. But in the second example, it could be the case that you are just cranky because you had to wait. :)

Hope it makes sense! Bye! :)


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