I couldn't be happier about not having to care about politics.

Hi guys. I lost my faith in politics in Korea long time ago when the ex-presidents went to jail one after another. :( Democracy in South Korea is progressing slowly but there is still a lot of crap going on. One good thing about living in a foreign country is that I can switch off from it.

I couldn't be happier about not having to care about politics.
정치에 신경을 안 써도 되니 속이 다 시원하네요.

정치에, jongchiae, politics + suffic
신경을, singyongeul, care or attention + suffix
안, an, not
써도, ssodo, consume (쓰다)
되니, dueni, it is allowed (되다)
속이, sogi, mind + suffix
다, da, all
시원하네요, siwonhaneyo, cool or no blockage in this context (시원하다)

정치에 신경을 안 써도 되니 속이 다 시원하네요.
jongchiae singyongeul an ssodo dueni sogi da siwonhaneyo.

신경을 (안) 쓰다 is an expression meaning '(not) paying attention or (not) care something'.
건강에 신경을 써요. -> Taking care of health.
건강에 신경을 안 써요. -> Not taking care of health.
블로그에 신경을 많이 써요. -> (I) pay a lot of attention to the blog.

속이 시원하다 means satisfied or relieved as if something heavy on your chest has been removed. It is similar to 살 것 같다 but has subtle difference. 속이 시원하다 indicates you are content while 살 것 같다 sounds like you are more relieved.
시험이 끝나니 속이 시원해요. -> The exam has been over, a load is off my mind.
시험이 끝나니 살 것 같다. -> The exam has been over, I finally have some breathing space.
하고 싶은 말을 하니 속이 시원하다. -> I am satisfied now that I have said what I wanted to say.
사실을 얘기하니 살 것 같다. -> I have confessed the truth, I feel relieved.

Have a nice weekend.


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