Having escaped from the heat, now I breathe a sigh of relief.

Hi all. I am back to Brisbane after a short holiday in South Korea. I didn't go to a single beach but what matters is spending time with the loved ones. :) I managed to read a few books too. One of them had a title called "Apptizen" and it was referring to people who are actively using smartphones and social network service application such as Twitter or Facebook to shape public opinion. A new generation after Netizen. Pretty clever isn't it. Anyway, I am happy to be back to Brisbane where the temperature is just right.

Having escaped from the heat, now I breathe a sigh of relief.
더위를 피하니 이제 살 것 같아요.

더위를, durweeleul, heat + suffix
피하니, peehani, avoid (피하다)
이제, yijae, now
살, sal, to live (살다)
것 같아요, gut gatayo, likely to do something (같다)

더위를 피하니 이제 살 것 같아요.
durweeleul peehani yijae sal gut gatayo.

-니 이제 살 것 같다 is a quite common expression. Like, I just had late dinner after a long day and I say; 밥을 먹으니 이제 살 것 같아요.
If I feel better after taking medicine, I would say; 약을 먹으니 이제 살 것 같아요.

Now, I am happily back to my slow life in Australia, I will get back to my routine of daily posts. :)


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