Dialogue 14

Hi guys. I just heard from my sister that 폭염 was continuing in Korea. And I found a better way than swimming in a valley to stay cool. Some lucky people are enjoying skiing in the middle of summer from indoor sky slope. See it from here. :)

A: This summer is abnormally hot.
B: It really is.
A: Why don't we go for a swim in the valley?
B: How about skiing?
A: OK, but let's see some stamina food first.
B: I feel energized after having stamina food!
A: Me too. Oh, it starts raining!
B: Now I breathe a sigh of relief.
A: The heat will get reduced.

A: 이번 여름은 이상하게 무덥네요.
yibun yeorumeun yisanghagae mudupnaeyo.
B: 정말 그러네요.
jeongmal geroneyo.
A: 계곡에 수영하러 안 갈래요?
gaegogae sooyoungharo an gallaeyo?
B: 스키는 어때요?
skinun oaddaeyo?
A: 좋아요, 하지만 보양식을 먼저 먹어요.
yoayo, hajiman boyangsikeul monjo mogoyo.
B: 보양식을 먹었더니 힘이 솟는데요!
boyangsikeul mogutdoni himi sonnundaeyo!
A: 저도요. 오, 비가 오기 시작하는데요!
jodoyo. oh, biga ogi sijakhanundaeyo!
B: 이제 살 것 같아요!
yijae sal gut gatayo.
A: 더위가 한풀 꺾이겠어요.
durweega hanpool ggokyigetsoyo.

See you next time! :)


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