The special effects were very impressive but the story was not so.

Hi. I was going to see Grown Ups today but my work finished to late. :( This one looked so funny from the preview. I might try it later. It has no special effects but hopefully gives some good laughs. But there are quite opposite movies as well.

The special effects were very impressive but the story was not so much.
특수 효과는 굉장했는데 이야기는 별로였어요.

특수, teoksoo, special
효과는, hyoguanun, effect + suffix
굉장했는데, guengjanghatnundae, amazing or impressive (굉장하다)
이야기는, yiyaginun, story + suffix
별로였어요, byolloyotsoyo, not so good (별로이다)

특수 효과는 굉장했는데 이야기는 별로였어요.
teoksoo hyoguanun guengjanghatnundae yiyaginun byolloyotsoyo.

Are you looking for a conjunction word corresponding to 'but'? It is implied in the ending of 굉장했는데. Actually, 굉장했는데 can be split into two parts, '굉장했다. 그런데' and 그런데(gerundae) is a conjunction word meaning but or however.

굉장하다 can be used when things are amazing, superb, or very big in scale.
그는 키가 굉장히 크다. -> He is really really tall.
축제가 굉장했다. -> The festival was amazing.
그녀는 굉장한 미인이다. -> She is incredibly beautiful.

On the other hand, 별로이다 is used something less then average.
그는 키가 별로 안 크다. -> He is not that tall.
맛이 별로네요. -> It doesn't taste very good.

If the quality is just about average, you can say 그럭저럭하다.
영화가 그럭저럭 볼만 했어요. -> The movie was good enough.

If a friend asks about your opinion on movies and you want to give a simple answer, try these:
최악! -> the worst!
별로. -> not so good.
그럭저럭. -> average.
최고! -> totally awesome!

Bye. :)


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