Are you going to buy a new mobile phone?

Hi everyone. It seems that there are new phones launching every day. I am really curious what makes you want to buy a new phone. Is it the new features or the shiny frame that makes you open your wallet. For me it is usually when the old one stops working. :P

Are you going to buy a new mobile phone?
새 휴대폰을 살 거에요?

새, sae, new
휴대폰을, huedaeponeul, mobile phone + suffix
살, sal, to buy (basic form is 사다)
거에요, goaeyo, am/is/are going to

새 휴대폰을 살 거에요?
sae huedaeponeul sal goaeyo?

휴대폰 is an interesting word that is a combination of two words of different origins. 휴대 which has a Chinese origin, means portable or mobile and 폰 is a phone. As there is no 'f' sound in Korean language, phone is read as 'pon'.

A few days ago, I talked about '-는 거에요' for describing states. But a '-ㄹ 거에요' form like in today's sentence is for the future plan or willingness to do something.

먹다 + 거에요 -> 먹을 거에요. I am going to eat.
자다 + 거에요 -> 잘 거에요. I am going to sleep.

Too subtle? I hope not. :)
Bye for now.


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