Dialogue 10

Hi all. Did anyone notice that I missed a post yesterday? Sorry about that. There were too many outdoor activities on the weekend. :) Anyway, here is the tenth dialogue. Yay!

Min: Is Eclipse showing already?
Jenny: Yes. I saw it today because tickets were sold out yesterday.
Min: How was it?
Jenny: The special effects were very impressive and the acting was really convincing.
Min: I saw Toy Story 3. It was the best movie ever!

Min: Eclipse가 벌써 상영하나요?
Eclipsega burlsso sanyounghanayo?
Jenny: 네. 어제는 표가 매진되서 오늘 봤어요.
nae. oajaenun pyoga maejindueso ohneol bwatsoyo.
Min: 어땠어요?
Jenny: 특수 효과가 굉장하고 연기는 정말 실감났어요.
teoksoo hyoguaga guengjanghago yeonginun jeongmal silgamnatsoyo.
Min: 나는 Toy Story 3를 봤어요. 지금까지 본 최고의 영화였어요!
nanun Toy Story 3 leol bwatsoyo. jigumggaji bon chuegoui youngwhayotsoyo!

Actually, I haven't seen both of the movies. I might see Toy Story 3 tomorrow night. :)


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