Tickets are sold out.

Hi. Going to the movies is probably the most popular dating course in Korea. There are many cinemas but as well as people in Korea. So it is the best to book tickets in advance if you want to see a popular movie at a cinema in the downtown.

Tickets are sold out.
표가 매진됐어요.

표가, pyoga, ticket + suffix
매진됐어요, maejinduatsoyo, sold out (매진되다)

표가 매진됐어요.
pyoga maejinduatsoyo.

매진되다 is a passive form because of -되다 ending. Similarly 영화가 상영되다 means the movie is shown, 영화가 시작되다 means the movie has been started, 상영이 중단되다 means the movie is stopped from showing and so on.

It was a short one today. :)
See you tomorrow.


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