I am looking for something like this.

Hi guys. I found a Korean lesson on Youtube today. This episode is about shopping too. Check it out from here. :) Sometimes you already know what you want to buy and you might need to describe its shape or color to the shop attendant. But that's really difficult when you are not familiar with the language. If might be easier to show a picture and say:

I am looking for something like this.
이렇게 생긴 것을 찾고 있어요.

이렇게, yirutke, like this
생긴, senggin, looking (생기다)
것을, gutsol, thing + suffix
찾고, chatgo, look + suffix
있어요, yitsoyo, am/is doing something

이렇게 생긴 것을 찾고 있어요.
yirutke senggin gutsol, chatgo yitsoyo.

이렇게 is used when you point something physically close to you while 저렇게 is used when the object is located further from you.

The form of adjective + 것 is useful to describe an arbitrary object. For example:
더 큰 것 -> something bigger
더 작은 것 -> something smaller
파란 것 -> the blue one
흰 것 -> the white one

verb+고 있어요 is a present continuous form.
쇼핑하고 있어요. -> I am doing shopping.
여행하고 있어요. -> I am travelling.

If you want to make a comparison, you can say:
이것보다 작은 것을 찾고 있어요. -> I am looking something smaller than this.
저것보다 신상품은 없나요? -> Isn't there a newer product than that?

I have added the share icons to the page. Hope you find them useful. :)


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