Dialogue 11

Hi all. Boryeong Mud Festival is probably one of the most popular summer festivals in Korea and it is on now! Check out the official website in English. There are some spelling errors and wrong expressions on the website though. ;)

Here is the dialogue number eleven about holidays! :)

Min: What is your favourite holiday destination?
Kim: I love Italy. But I go to South Korea this summer!
Min: Where do you stay?
Kim: I will stay at Grand Hyatt Seoul.
Min: That is a five star hotel! I envy you.
Kim: I am thrilled! I am going to stay there for three nights and four days.
Min: Accommodations are expensive in the peak season, aren't they?
Kim: The prices were reasonable even though it was the high season.
Min: That's good to hear.
Kim: What about you? Do you have a plan for your holiday?
Min: I am flat broke. I am just going to read books at home this holiday.
Kim: I am sorry to hear that.

Min: 가장 좋아하는 휴양지가 어디에요?
gajang joahanun hyuyangjiga oadiaeyo?
Kim: 이탈리아를 제일 좋아해요. 하지만 이번 여름에는 한국을 가요!
Italialul jaeil joahaeyo. hasiman yibun yeorumaenun hangukul gayo!
Min: 어디에 머물러요?
oadiae momulloyo?
Kim: Grand Hyatt Seoul에 머물러요.
Grand Hyatt Seoulae momulloyo.
Min: 그 호텔은 별 다섯개 짜리 호텔이에요! 당신이 부러워요.
gu hoteleun byol dasot gaejjari hotelyiaeyo. dangsinyi burowoyo.
Kim: 정말 신나요! 나는 3박 4일 동안 거기에 머무를 거에요.
jeongmal sinnayo! nanun sambak sail dongan guogiae momulul goaeyo.
Min: 성수기에는 숙박료가 비싸지 않나요?
sungsoogiaenun sookbakryoga beessaji annayo?
Kim: 성수기지만 가격이 적당했어요.
sungsoogijiman gagyokyi jokdanghatsoyo.
Min: 다행이네요.
Kim: 당신은요? 휴가 계획이 있어요?
dangsinunyo? hyuga gehwekyi yitsoyo?
Min: 저는 완전 빈털터리에요. 이번 휴가는 그냥 집에서 책이나 읽으려구요.
jeonun wanjeon binterlteriaeyo. yibun hyuganun gunyang jibaeso chekyina ilguryoguyo.
Kim: 유감이네요.

Certainly, this is fictional as I am going to Korea next month! My older sister lives in Boryeong and her place is only five minutes away from the beach on foot. The mud festival would have been over by then but it will be still fun to check out the beach. :)

We have a new member today! Check out OM! Blog. It covers three Asian languages. Very Cool! :)


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